Panama Red Rum


A 108 over proof rum that is full-bodied, with a hint of sweetness, great legs and a smooth, exciting finish!

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To ensure the highest quality rum, the creators of Panama Red Rum blend aged rums in bourbon oak casks for ultimate character and flavor. Each small batch is distilled using locally harvested sugar cane grown in the Las Cabras de Pese region of Panama. This exceptionally smooth overproof rum offers endless versatility, making it the perfect choice for sipping straight, diluted with water and over the rocks or as a mixed beverage. With alcohol strength of 54%, Panama Red stands alone as the sole premium overproof rum on the market today.  It was introduced in the US in July of 2011.

“A rum with 54 per cent alcohol strength by volume packs quite a punch! And that punch is full of concentrated flavours. These flavours practically leap into the mouth out of the glass. Sweet flavours of caramel candy take the lead with more pungent flavours of tobacco and leather riding the coat-tails. After just a few sips, the rum has heated the mouth with orange peel spiciness, and then I began to notice the baking spices building. The longer I allowed the glass to decant, the richer and more complex the flavour became as the baking spices continued to build in the glass to the benefit of my palate.

With a little added water, the rum becomes even more enjoyable. I notice more nuances of flavour the longer I allow the Panama Red to linger in the glass. Vanillans, orange marmalade, nutmeg, hints of cinnamon and cloves, and a lovely buttery nuttiness have been brought forward. A certain fruitiness is evident as well, and I find the overall flavour well-rounded and nicely balanced.”  Read the full story here…

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