The Making of Panama Red 108

Savor the richness of the moment.

It would seem this was the passion of a young man who grew up with an appreciation for the legendary Pre-Castro Cuban rums…The standard for fine rums the world over.

A Man and His Mission

A native of Florida, Jim Wasson set out to recapture the unique flavor of the rum he enjoyed in his youth when his grandfather would return home from his travels in Cuba and Latin America. Wasson started out on his mission, landing in Panama, the adopted home of the man many have called the finest Master blender of premium rums in the world — Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez. It was in Cuba, Fernandez’s birthplace, where he learned his craft as a Master Blender.  The meeting of these two was the birth of the Panama Red brand.

The Perfect Blend

To ensure the highest quality rum, the creators of Panama Red blend aged rums in bourbon oak casks for ultimate character and flavor. Each small batch is distilled using locally harvested sugar cane grown in the Las Cabras de Pese region of Panama. This exceptionally smooth overproof rum offers endless versatility, making it the perfect choice for sipping straight, diluted with water and over the rocks or as a mixed beverage. With alcohol strength of 54%, Panama Red stands alone as the sole premium overproof rum on the market today.  Panama Red Rum was introduced in the US in July of 2011.

A Passion and a Legend

How do you name such a creation?

It was a passion for great taste and smoothness that gave birth to this one-of-a kind rum. That same passion was evident in a popular Panamanian 1940’s entertainer. She was a breathtaking redheaded woman – both a singer and nightclub owner – “Zonians” called “Panama Red.” Besides her beauty, Red was well known for the fine rum she served, which drew international celebrities such as Hemingway and John Wayne to her establishment.

The “Panama Red” Legend is reflected in the tall barroom style bottle that bears the striking image of the fiery redhead. It’s easy to imagine why such a woman would come to symbolize Panamonte Brands Premium 108 Over proof rum. It’s the taste of “Red’s” rum that ensures a return visit.

A Standard Reclaimed

Distinguished rum connoisseur Chip Dykstra of the Rum Howler Blog described the Panama Red experience this way:

“Sweet flavors of caramel candy take the lead with more pungent flavors of tobacco and leather riding the coat-tails. After just a few sips, the rum has heated the mouth with orange peel spiciness, and then I began to notice the baking spices building. The longer I allowed the glass to decant, the richer and more complex the flavor became as the baking spices continued to build in the glass to the benefit of my palate.”  Read the full story here…

Reviews from across the US confirm the claim made on the label of each bottle of Panama Red, describing it as “a full-bodied, hint of sweetness with great legs and a smooth, exciting finish.”   Find a friend, pull up a stool, and savor it for yourself.